Wolves – A Unique People Approach to Recruitment

Finding the right talent in any industry can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If niche and specialized roles are thrown into the mix, it is bound to get twice as hard.

BUT there is no need to worry. Recruitment and staffing solutions are just a call away with Wolves.

Now, we are not your run-off-the-mill recruitment firm. We don't run after numbers. We care little about getting a cut.  

Our focus has always been very simple. Whether you need someone quickly or are looking for a niche role to fulfill. Whether you are looking to reduce your hiring costs or need a break from all the paperwork.

We have a solution for you.

We will match your specific need to the best talent available — using analytics, technology, and just a little bit of our Wolves’ awesomeness.

What sets us apart?

Every firm has its way of working. At the very start, we had decided that we wanted to work with clients who were out to disrupt the world. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company looking to set up offshore teams or a bootstrapped startup working to hire the developer that will change the face of AI – we care for you.

We onboard clients when we are extremely sure that we can help them achieve their goals quicker, better, and more efficiently. Our current clientele is in the top 5 of their respective business; we believe that the talent we were able to onboard for them had a part to play.

Taking the first step

Our process begins when our 30-member strong team derives pivotal insights from your company's overall vision, mission, growth and work culture. Our in-depth knowledge and unique approaches help us understand the ins and outs of your business, enabling us to craft a tailor-made and effective recruitment process for your firm.

Questions like these help us get to know you better:

a) Does the need for new staff indicate any new business challenges/opportunities in the near future?

b) Can you help us with a macro perspective on your take on the industry and its effect on your business?

c)How do you think the new hires can fit into your company, and are there any specific outcomes you hope to achieve?

These insights can help us set expectations, find the right people who will fit your company culture and get you your desired outcomes.

Tailored vetting

After understanding the broader context and finer details of your business needs, we begin the process of sourcing the suitable candidates. Over the years, Wolves has built a robust database of passive and active candidates acquired by networking.

We organize meetups and connect with different employees through platforms like LinkedIn to constantly stay updated with the current job pool and tap right into it; to find your ideal candidate.


Before jumping into sourcing, the team proudly boasts a competency-building system for all theoretical expertise; because our role does not end at finding resumes.

We engage in intense conversations with all our candidates to understand their career aspirations, motivation, and career trajectory. By delving into the projects they have handled and the kind of roles they are looking forward to, we try to make the best match. Candidates are offered monetary and/or intellectual growth to jump on a different ship.


Saurabh from Wolves recollects, "We were able to onboard a candidate even with a pay cut because the new role excited him much more than his current position. That's the power of finding the right person-job fit."

By supporting people and the communities in realizing their true technological potential, we help move them forward. We are doing it for the love of finding the best match and the incredible talent available in the world.

Final Steps

We want to deliver value to all parties involved in this journey - our clients and our candidates.

As recruitment consultants, we help candidates negotiate the right salary and role. Even after the selection, we check in at regular intervals to ensure that all parties are happy and provide further support if required.

How do we do it?

Wolves was built on the shoulders of passionate recruitment veterans. Our team contains everyday people, from all walks of life who believe in transforming themselves and their surroundings to see the change they want to bring in.

group of people

For instance, through intensive research, recruiters learn about all the technical mandates as part of the job description, to ensure they can have a better conversation with the candidate. 80% of theoretical expertise is down to a pat for all the recruiters.

Raghu S, the founder of Wolves, has created a culture where knowledge sharing comes easy to all.

The team continues to delve into the more challenging aspects of our work to find solutions, infusing as much creativity as possible in our search for the right talent.

Shreyansh, who has been with Wolves for the past 5 years, calls them a SEAL force – "We can do what others can't. In the forces, army members trust each other implicitly. Similarly, we trust each other to get the business exactly what they need. For that, we help and push each other to grow."

The sense of ownership and commitment to their work is unparalleled. It is a radical team full of mavericks, hungry for growth and getting the best outcome possible. Over the years, the firm has won numerous awards, which are a testament to its expertise and passion.

If you have an urgent hiring requirement and need quick access to vetted, trustworthy talent, working with Wolves will be the best decision that you will make. Get on a call with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

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