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We did a hiring spree for one of our target client & helped them get the right people on their team

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We help organizations build Awesome teams!

We know that looking for new talent can be overwhelming and time-consuming. In this time of the Great resignation, recruitment is the toughest problem many organizations are facing today.

When businesses fail to attract the talent that they need, we step in and find them exactly what they need, sans the headache and the grunt work.

Wolves India is the brainchild of Raghu Shivakumar, a veteran in recruitment with over 25 years of combined experience; & equipped with a strong determination to make a difference

We have a dedicated Pack work tirelessly to transform the lives of the candidates they recruit, while making a sizeable contribution with Global Organizations in identifying right talents. We invest in our clients by understanding their business needs and challenges, and also potential talents by understanding their motivation, aspiration and dreams, before we make a match

We invest in our clients by understanding their business needs and challenges, and also potential talents by understanding their motivation, aspiration and dreams, before we make a match

We specialize in matching specific business needs to the best talent available - using analytics, technology, and human touch.

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The Opportunity

Client is the largest container shipping line and vessel operator in the world. They deal with transportation, logistics and energy. With headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark, they specialize in ocean and inland freight transportation, supply chain management and port operation. It has presence in 130 countries and has more than 83,000 employees worldwide

The Challenges

(Client was looking to expand its team and wanted to hire staff for their shipping domain. This is a challenging sector to hire for as one needs candidates with a specific and specific skill set. Finding talent itself is challenging and overwhelming in today’s market. Add a niche angle to it, and it becomes doubly hard!

They wanted to set up their overseas offices in India and were looking to build an app development team in Bangalore. They needed engineers and salesforce developers.

With their business expansion and growth and a need for affordable, niche and high-quality talent, they were looking for recruitment partners who could help them in this space.) Need to highlight Client’s Digital Transformation Journey, highlighted Below

Client was on a transformational journey with Digitization of their business as a vision. With this roadmap, they setup their dedicated in-house technology center at Bangalore in 2018.

With challenges of building digital product to transform their entire logistics and shipping business, Wolves took up the challenge of setting up the foundational Engineering team for Client’s App development initiatives across multiple Technology stack.

Wolves focus was to identify and onboard high-quality Engineering Talents

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How We Helped

Wolves was associated with Client GSC since the incubation of their Bangalore Development Center.

We helped them hire and set up their app development team in India. We also assisted them in building their inhouse EDI & Salesforce development team. We played a key role in hiring engineers who were responsible to build their first digital booking application, popularly known today as Client.com

Owing to this initial success of building teams from scratch, Client trusted Wolves with their plans to scale their engineering, analytics, finance & taxation teams by providing unique hiring solutions catering both to its’ volume as well the pedigree of talent showcased.

#WOLVESOpenhouse & VirtualCodathon hosted through CODERPACK by Wolves are a couple such creations which was well received both by the Organization & the talent pool.

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The Result

We were able to identify the perfect match of the right talent, with pedigree skillset to quickly match their need for growth and expansion of their Technology team. Here are some key highlights:

  • We have helped them hire 320+ diverse hires till date

  • We hired talent with various skill sets including:

    • Application Development (with a majority of hires)

    • Marketing, Tax & Audit

    • Big Data Architecture & Engineering

    • Business Intelligence & Analytics

    • Marketing

    • Financial Planning & Analysis

    • Network Architecture/Security

    • DevOps Engineer/SRE

    • Product Management

    • Mobile Application Development

    • Salesforce Interchange Marketing

    • Electronic Data Interchange

  • We have organized and enabled Insightful roundtables to address the hiring challenges they were facing

  • We were instrumental in setting-up a few of their product teams, including, Tax & FP&A practices from scratch

  • The Average TAT per hire <45 days.

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