.Net developer
.Net developer

What are we looking for?

• Hands on experience in developing scalable, resilient, secure and quality engineering products;

preferably in logistics space

• Strong belief and demonstrated ability to iterate and evolve architecture

• A solid understanding of cloud native architectures

• Strong opinions loosely held

• Experience with building and managing microservices through its life cycle (versioning,

backward compatibility)

• Experience with cloud platforms (Azure/AWS/GCP); preferably in Azure

• Comfortable with Agile / DevOps practices and tools

• Exposure to distributed caching, failure detection algorithms & application failover strategies is desirable. Experience with building self-healing, automatic fault detection and recovery mechanisms is good to have.

• Masters Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or alternatively Bachelor's Degree or higher in an IT related discipline.

• A great team player and a strong collaborator

• Excellent English verbal and written communication is a must

Key Responsibilities:

• Work within engineering teams and contribute in delivering quality products on time and

continuously retire technical debt

• Technically analyse business requirements and be able to convert them into software solutions.

• Work on complete end to end software development/implementation with adequate unit

testing and monitoring.

• Able to troubleshoot technical challenges in software designs and any production incidents that may arise for delivered business solutions.

• Follow DevOps and be able to make any configuration changes to support necessary

deployments for business deliverables.

• Participates in building, supporting and operating software in a DevOps model

• Making more productive, effective, and efficient business deliverables possible by working

closely and in collaboration with the team.

• Coach team members to be more productive, effective, and efficient by showing the way

Key Attributes : Pace setter, Risk taker

Skills : Comfortable with TDD & BDD styles / Clean code and SOLID principles / Eventing architecture

Tools / frameworks : Testing frameworks / Cypress / Cucumber /Postman

Database systems : Cloud / Provisioning tools: (one of Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Terraform)

DevOps : Log aggregation (splunk) / Monitoring tools (e.g. appdynamics, azure insights)

DB change management (flyway, liquibase) / Distributed systems patterns

Distributed tracing / Circuit breakers (e.g. resilience4j, hystrix)

API versioning & backward compatibility / Performance Troubleshooting

Containers: Docker, K8S

Levels of Interview:

• Coding Assessment

• Technical Round

• Value Interview

• HR Discussion

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